With $25 Million Dollars of subsidies from the State of Texas starting in 2020 for racing in Texas, there isn’t a better reason to send your horses to a premier race horse facility in The Lone Star State! We provide year-round care and services for thoroughbreds in every stage of their careers.

We employ the best and accredited veterinarians, farriers, riders, and staff in order to protect your equine investment and help you accomplish your equine business objectives. We have a Kentucky style diet and worming regimen consistent with the top thoroughbred operations around the world.

We specialize in the following services:

Constant communication is something we take pride in so that our clients always have the latest information on the development and progress of their horses.

We board mares, foals, weanlings, yearlings, and horses of racing age on lay-ups or time off from the track. Horses will be on specific diets and daily routine based on their age and developmental needs. We also offer initial training and preparation of race horses so they‘re ready to progress to the next level of training that will prepare them for their racing career.

We train horses in all ages and levels of conditioning. Whether your horse is coming off the track or has never made it to the track, we can take your equine investment to the next level. With the combination of our attention to detail and our teams’ years of experience, you can rest assured that you’re provided a superior service for your equine investment to reach their optimal racing capabilities. We have a covered arena with a eurociser and a steel round pen that allows to train even in inclement weather. We also have a 5/8 mile track that allows to get your horses ready for their track experience.

We also provide Sales Prep of horses at all stages in their careers. We will make sure your horses are in the proper condition and appearance in order for our clients to realize the full potential of their investment either at auction or through private sale. We also train horses on sale etiquette and get them ready for auction environment so prospective buyers are able to see their full potential. Our sales prep generally starts 60-90 days before a planned auction appearance.